How to Deal with Regret: 1 Helpful Tip

Replace dumb-ass decision with discernment.

Some folks waste a lot of time ruminating over regrets & “poor” decisions.

Yet, when we replace our judgey-remorse with discernment we shift our mindset & state of play.

Maybe you made an impulsive decision that bit you on the butt.

Maybe you missed an opportunity and still wonder about the outcome you “lost.”

Maybe you look back and say to yourself, “What was I thinking?!”

Okay, AND what have you learned?

How are you smarter today becuz it happened the way it did?

It’s NOT about denying your “poor” decisions, it’s about giving yourself grace as a human being, LEARNING from your missteps and applying the lesson going forward.

Brilliant leaders are quicker to exchange inner criticism with discernment with this insightful tool for shifting their thoughts.

I wouldn’t have learned ____________ today, had I not ____________.


  • I wouldn’t have learned how to ask better due diligence questions today, had I not made that terrible investment last year.
  • I wouldn’t have learned how to hire better performers today, had I not hired those two underperformers when I first started out.
  • I wouldn’t have learned how to be resilient and strong today, had I not let them walk all over me in that other job.

The next time your thoughts start to spiral into a backward, regret-focused, critical commentary, shift the narrative to what you’ve learned and how it’s made you a stronger Self-leader today.



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