How to Close Deals Faster: Listen to THIS for an Awesome Sales Boost

AmyK's interview on Marketing and Sales Over Cocktails with Allan Langar

Hey there! AmyK here.

It’s almost the end of a wild and woolly ride, and many of us are looking for an inspiring and practical way to boost our sales in 2021.

Check out my sales interview with Allan Langer on his podcast: Marketing & Sales Over Cocktails.

It’s rich with ideas, insights and incredible take-aways such as:

  • How you deal with a prospect whose budget is lower than your price
  • How the words “Do you believe…?” help you close faster
  • The #1 conversation that most sales people simply aren’t having but need to!

Grab your cocktail of choice [mine was a G&T the night we taped] and grab a pen cuz you’re gonna be taking notes!


To making your 2021 highly profitable!



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