How to Change Your Mindset: 1 Exercise to Stay in the Here & Now

I’m going waaay back in time to share a cool Self-leadership exercise that will help you stay in the here & now. [pun intended]

How to Change Your Mindset

We all know the expression, “The Devil is in the details.” But have you heard, “The Divine is in the details too.”

Watch this video to reset your mindset today.

Video Transcript

Hey, there. AmyK here with Moose who just 30 seconds prior insisted on being in this video and
now has probably fallen asleep.

Maybe that’s the message: Show up and then take a nap.

We should stop the video there.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I wanted to share a quick practical tip that
I think we can all relate to.

There are moments when we get stuck in the backward-focused, cynical, negative, snarky narrative.

We get stuck in this script in our heads, and it keeps us from being fully present in the now.

We’re so caught up with our thoughts and the distractions of our thoughts that we’re not tuning in to what’s happening in front of us.

And there was this great exercise that I did as a freshman in high school that my theater teacher taught us. He had us look around the room and really observe what was going on, all around the room, and he gave us two minutes. And then he asked us to close our eyes, and he went around the room, and he asked everybody a question about something that was readily observant or observable.

Most of us failed. And this was the lesson that he wanted to teach us.

If you’re going to be fully present in a scene on stage, if you’re going to be fully present in life, you have to show up and observe what’s happening in front of you.

You gotta take notice of all the little details.

So when you tune into somebody else’s tone and tenor, in other words, if you show
up and let go of your script, let go of those distracting thoughts, you can be fully present.

So, I had a coaching client last week, and he was like, I’m having a hard time being present. It’s like I’m so distracted by my thoughts and I said, Then let’s focus on observation. Show up and look around the room, notice the small details.

What’s the temperature? How are you feeling? I said, What somebody’s body language, what’s their word choice, what’s their tone and tenor?

And then you’ll be more present for yourself.

And for snoring bulldogs.

From my heart to yours and from Moose’s, hugs.

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