How to Break Free From Worry

Receiving life, or bracing yourself against it?

Many of us walk around contracted.

We fear the worst.

We wait for the other shoe to drop. We sigh in relief when the third awful “thing” happens because bad things happen in three’s right?! So now, it should be smooth sailing. Fingers crossed.

Or, like the kid in the commercial, we wrap ourselves in toilet paper trying to guard against every bump and bruise we might get along the way.

I get it. But it’s malarkey.

And malarkey is spelled BS.

Perhaps you don’t subscribe to the above, but you have had one of these thoughts…

  • I want it so much, BUT I don’t want to get hurt if it doesn’t work out.
  • I have this vision, BUT what if I fail? How will that look?
  • I have so much to share, BUT who will listen?
  • My heart desires this amazing future, BUT my mind can think of a 1,000 reasons why it won’t happen. Shouldn’t happen. Couldn’t happen.

Can you relate?

How many times over the years have you desired a life with more joy, more passion and less stress while simultaneously girding your loins for disappointment, more grind and more tension?


How many times have you wanted the pleasure but were so afraid of the pain you didn’t give pleasure a chance?

What if you unclenched your muscles [this includes your sphincter] and let your heart, mind and body align with the flow of life? All of it.

What if you opened your heart, mind and body to the possibilities, to the expectation that goodness awaits, even if there are a few pain points along the way?

What if you started believing that your job, here on planet Earth, is to receive life fully?

The next time you’re contracted, tensed up, preparing to do battle or bracing yourself against life, for how hard it might get for a moment [or avoiding the messy bits all together] … ask yourself, “What if I softened? What if I let go? What if I were open to receiving whatever happens next? What if I am human, and I choose to show up for the fully human experience? What magic in my life might happen then?

To opening your heart, mind, body and Spirit and fully receiving your bold, brilliant and beautiful life. All the messy, juicy humanness of it.




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