How to Better Manage Change

What’s a constant in our lives?! Change!
What’s not a constant? How we manage & navigate it.
Some days we handle it well…other days…not so much.
What if you knew:

  • the 4 stages of change;
  • 8 “kick-change-in-the-arse” tools/exercises to navigate each stage more deftly; and
  • 5 conversational frame-works to shift perspective and better manage it?

Watch Video #1 in our 4-part “AmyK in Your Back-Pocket” series and discover how to start moving your people from resistance to acceptance.

Like what you’re hearing? Want practical tools, strategies and exercises for navigating and leading change more effectively?

Then keep reading….

Today we are officially announcing my 8-Week, Elite Access Leadership Experience known as our Ignite Brilliance (IB) Program.

I’m sending out this invitation to our entire smart, good-looking Ignite Brilliance community of leaders who desire more time, more money and fewer headaches.

This year, I’m inviting members to join me on an 8-week journey.
And – I’m limiting spots to just 8.

Why this robust personal consulting program and why now? Thanks for asking! 😉
Speaking on stage is a joy – a passion. And… I miss the connectivity of collaboration. I miss the strategizing, the problem-solving, the measuring of tangible results that comes from partnering as a business strategist and consultant. I miss being an ally behind the scenes. And apparently – you’ve missed me too. The requests for coaching and consulting have been coming at me fast and furiously in the last few months.

So… I’m bringing coaching/consulting/strategizing back into my life… in an exclusive, fun AmyK way!

I’m looking for a select group of 8 leaders who meet 4 very specific criteria.

Our ideal IB Member is a leader who:

  • has an intrinsic desire to implement the tools & strategies shared so s/he may measurably learn, reflect and grow.
  • has a recurring thought: “I really want to play bigger, badder, better and bolder and know I need an unconventionally brilliant and fun way to do it!”
  • commits to attending a minimum of 6 of the 8 calls and to completing the exercises. Yep, only go-getters need apply.
  • is ready for the truth about what it takes to be a rock-star leader and is ready for really awesome insider tricks so they can start being a rock-star leader.

Still interested? To learn more, visit

This all happens fast!
I stop accepting applications on March 24th and we’re launching April 3rd.

This email just went to 5K+ members of our community. And since I’m only offering 8 spots, it’s going to fill quickly!

Discover more about getting me in your back-pocket and ramp up your leadership with my personal guidance, support, irreverence and a laser focus on accountability, action, and results.
Here’s to more time, more money and fewer headaches!

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