How to avoid GAGGING on gratitude this T-Day

AmyK, Leadership Guru with a thankful Thanksgiving turkey

It’s a day to gobble and guzzle.

Elastic waistbands abound.

Everyone is going to stuff their faces and avoid making faces when you-know-who brings up you-know-what.

It’s Thanksgiving!

This year instead of lazily listing the top 3 things you’re always grateful for, I’m challenging you to shift the gratitude conversation and FOCUS on ACTION.

It’s too easy to go around the dinner table or trough and say we’re thankful for our family & friends, our food & fine wines. Should you be grateful for these blessings?

Damn skippy… BUT it’s also sorta lazy thinking.

This year, I want you to name 3 actions of help or support people gave you this year that had a positive impact.

Three actions [big or small] and how their action was a blessing in your life.

Now, pay it forward. Commit to three ACTS you can do to bless another before year’s end.




To all of you who took action and wrote to me this last year sharing how much the AmyKisms, the memes, or the tools I shared helped you… I’m so very grateful. And… please keep writing. Your WINS fuel me.  Now… I’m off to go serve another.

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