How confident leaders shine

AmyK grade school photo

When I was a little kid I was a nerd.

A really organized nerd. And I loved paper products.

The first day of school was exciting, mainly because I got new crayons, crisp lined paper, subject dividers and a three-ring binder. [Yep, I really was THAT kid. 😉 ]

And for some reason, being organized also helped me relax.

As much as that first day of school was exciting, it was also really scary.

I’m an introvert at heart, making friends was sooo hard, and do you see the dress I’m wearing?! Good grief!! Color coded dividers and a pencil box aided my confidence.

At 49, not much has changed.

I’m still an organized nerd who loves her paper products & colorful writing tools.

And being super-prepared helps me relax and perform at my confident best.

For those of who don’t know me that well, I’ll also share that I come from a big basketball-focused family. I’m a fan of Steve Nash, who I happen to be aligned with when he shares:

“You have to rely on your preparation. You got to really be passionate and try to prepare more than anyone else, and put yourself in a position to succeed, and when the moment comes you got to enjoy, relax, breathe and rely on your preparation so that you can perform and not be anxious or filled with doubt.” – Steve Nash

I’m with Steve.

As a leader, are you helping your people prepare, over-prepare, so they can relax, breathe and confidently enjoy the moment when it’s their turn to contribute and shine?

As a leader, are you helping yourself prepare so you can confidently lead in your most critical moments?

And… I sincerely want to know… were you a kid that dreaded the first day of school or got excited about it?

To a brilliant September!


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