Heads up – AmyK’s Secrets are out!

TSLK-AmyK-CoverFinal-3d version - smallI have exciting news! I just turned a long time dream into a reality and in doing so… I’m exposing quite a few secrets!

For several years I wanted to write a book, even sat down and actually wrote a few chapters, but always ended up thinking, This isn’t fun – this isn’t the book I want to write.


Last year I threw caution to the wind, I threw out traditional ideas about what a leadership book should look like and feel like for business, and I threw out sleep. 😉 Instead, I followed my passion for storytelling, decided to write a book that would be significantly meaningful to leaders, and would be highly engaging, insightful and fun to read!

I dove in, mind, body, spirit, heart, brain—head, shoulders, knees, and toes—to birth this baby (I feel like I should change my family status on Facebook) while still running a business and working with clients.

And now it’s here, in all its glory (minus my actual blood, sweat and tears) and I’m beyond thrilled to share it with you.

So What IS This Book?

First, it’s one-of-a-kind. Seriously. There’s nothing like it in the business section on leadership. This book comprises 14 creative character monologues that reveal The Secrets Leaders Keep.

Think of it as a “business & leadership” meets “characters & parables” meets “insights & wisdom” guide.

Second, people have been telling stories for thousands of years. Storytelling is ingrained in our DNA. There are some aspects of life where we just need to hear stories in order to better understand the message.

The 14 stories in this book reveal secrets that most leaders would not normally share—secrets about their politics, philosophies and perceptions. Secrets about who they are, how they play, why they lead in a certain way, and secrets about what prevents them from leading more effectively. Each story is a creative amalgamation from my work with leaders.

Each story represents the themes and patterns I witnessed while working with numerous executives from hundreds of companies around the globe over the past 20 years. You’ll recognize individuals you’ve worked with over the years, heck, you might even wonder…Is this me?!

That’s the point!

What’s made me really happy about this book so far is that readers are already receiving benefit from these characters’ stumbling attempts with the Leadership Learning Curve.

Early reviewers have shared that it’s “a must read for leaders,” “highly engaging,” that I “hold up a mirror to our own thoughts, rationales and inner demons” and readers can feel my “energy and inspiration jump off the first page of the book.”

Want to Get Your Hands on the Book?

I’m happy to announce that the book will be on the shelves in bookstores and online the week of November 2nd. We’re in the final printing process right now. Endorsements are in and we’re abuzz about the nationwide book tour and launch in October. If you’re coming to see me speak in September at Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Life Experience in Orlando, you’ll be able to get your hands on some early release copies. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can pre-order a copy of The Secrets Leaders Keep today! And as a thank you, we’re giving out a special bonus exclusively for pre-orders that includes:

  • Secrets Discussion Guide
  • One of my Favorite Tools for Breaking Through Barriers
  • Exclusive discount when you join our 2016 IGNITE BRILLIANCE Book Club

All of the above are gifts from me to you for pre-ordering and supporting my efforts. And because I genuinely want you to know – you’re NOT alone!

Pre-order today through October 6th.

If you want to order in bulk for your organization, send us an email at contactus@amyk.com so we can set you up right and ensure you get a brilliant discount.

Next Steps:

Thank you so very much for all your support!

To unlocking the Secrets,


P.S. Please help spread the word by forwarding this email to executives and managers you know. Our goal is to be an Amazon bestseller! (This goal takes 500 individual pre-order sales.) Thanks for your support!

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