Are you still relevant? You sure?! [FREEBIE]

Hey there!

Something new comes along.

Just about… daily.
Right now, you might be scratching your head & trying your best to better understand one of the following:

• How you & your colleagues can stay safe in a cyber-risk world
• How bitcoin & cryptocurrencies really work
• How to navigate the ever-choppy, global economic waters
• How teenagers can possibly be so rude & then within minutes ask to be driven somewhere.

Whether we desire to invest in a cryptocurrency, cyber security or a family therapist it’s about staying curious with what’s going on in the world and in our lives so we can stay relevant with our words, decisions and actions. i.e. how we move on the chess board of biz and life.

Remember when they said…
…no one will need a personal computer.
…no one will need another car color besides black.
…no one will need anything delivered in under a week.

Yep. They didn’t get it.

Staying relevant means staying curious, especially when the new fang-dabbled shiny object or trendy topic lands in your inbox, on your doorstep, on your screen or at the dinner table.

Instead of leaning back, crossing your arms and dismissing it as crazy, lean forward! Open your eyes! Say, “Tell me more.”

To learn some of the very best responses brilliant leaders say when introduced to something new, click here for my free tool: STAY CURIOUS-STAY RELEVANT.


The more you learn, the wiser you’ll be in creating and navigating a more profitable future. Yours.


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