Feeling cranky?! Here’s how to uncrank yourself.

Motivational Speaker, AmyK encourages us to remember that the way we live our lives is a choice. And sometimes, our choices need to change.These past nine weeks in a nutshell: not satisfied.

To sum it up in a single word: discontent.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m traveling and training and speaking and coaching and I’m LOVING the time with my clients, but then I fly back home and something is “off.”

Some days I wake up and I’m cranky before my feet even hit the floor.

So. NOT. Me.

I was running on the treadmill yesterday morning when I literally yelled at myself, “What the f, AmyK?! What will it take for you to get your head outta your ass and start feeling better again?”

And the answer came to me in such a flash of insight that it made me realize I cannot be alone in this struggle.

This struggle must happen to others.

You wake up one day and your drive is a little lower than normal, your frustration levels a little higher, and your discontent expressing itself in the form of full-on crankiness.

And here’s the top 3 possibilities as to why:

  1. We don’t want what we used to want.
    [Our core desires have shifted. Our outward life no longer reflects our inner yearnings.]
  2. We’re burned out and need a break to rest and refuel.
    [Burning the candle at both ends without stopping for moments of joy is a sure fire route to grouchiness.]
  3. Our identity has shifted.
    [Our purpose/our driver/our reason for playing the game has changed.]

If you’ve been a little cranky lately [or a lot], stop and ask yourself:

  1. Do I still want what I want? Is what I’m doing really bringing me what I desire? If no, what do I want now?
  2. Do I need to rest and refuel? If yes, how might I best do so, sans guilt?
  3. Do I truly know why I’m playing this game? Do I have 100% clarity on why I’m playing this game, this way?

And last but not least, What actions might I take to bring back a bit o’ joy and feelings of contentment?

To remembering that the way we live our lives is a choice. And sometimes, our choices need to change.




I answered the questions above, and the shift in my mindset has already been darn near miraculous.

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