Can you relate?! …at least have a smile on us

Tired of fakin’ it until you’re makin’ it?!
Tired of wishing for a longer straw so you could drink straight from the bottle?!
Just tired?!

You’re not alone! (Really- you’re not!)

We’re poking fun of leaders who “appear” to have it all together, but… for a serious purpose 😉

Are you smiling or nodding in understanding?

Then we invite you to join us in San Diego, October 14-16 for our IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your Life Think Tank and learn how to expand your thinking, up your mojo and create a much more awesome life.

Brilliant minds will be exploring:

  • Why We’re All a Bit Schizo…But Better When We Use the Same Voice
  • How to Challenge Limiting Beliefs…Fact versus Fiction
  • The Two Not So Silent Fears EVERY LEADER Has – You Have Yours, Albeit Customized
  • Imago Techniques…Yeah, Environment & Genes Influence You, But Let’s Stop Blaming Mom
  • Navigating Change More Adeptly… It’s Easier Than The Change Consultants Want You to Believe
  • Harnessing Your Energy as a High Performer and Innovative Thinker
  • Happiness Defined…You Might be Surprised

And hey, it’s me, AmyK….so you know it’s going to be fun and chock-full of insightful, brilliant tools!

Learn More

P.S. Want to share the experience? Invite a spouse, colleague or friend and you’ll both get a super reduced rate…halo effect for you included 😉 Contact Mandy at to register 2 or more.

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