Beat the Summer Sales Dip

Ah…the dog days of summer. Between vacations, high temps and lazy afternoons, everything seems to slow down a bit, which is a good thing…unless you’re in sales. While people take a dip in the pool or at the beach, sales often take their own dip…not so refreshing.

Two ways to beat the sales dip:

  1. Schedule conversations with existing customers/clients.
  2. Sharpen your sales saw.

1. August is the perfect month for sitting down with current customers and taking the pulse of your relationship. Ask them: What’s working best in our relationship/partnership? What do you need to achieve between now and the end of the year? How might we support you more and add even greater value?

Current customers will appreciate the time you take to ensure they are getting what they need and want from you. They’ll also appreciate you not waiting until the end of the year (sales crunch time) to talk to them. These conversations create opportunities to plant seeds for growing and sustaining your relationship well into the future…before your competitors make their moves.

2. Sharpen your own sales saw with a great read, a solid webinar or a training that expands your skillset. Take a few minutes to outline and assess your current messaging, update your case studies and get current on changes in your industry. In other words: INVEST IN YOURSELF! It’ll pay sales dividends in Q4.

And to help you with both points above, we’ve included a free sales tool with the 3 best questions you need to be able to answer about your customers.

3 Best Questions You Need to be Able to Answer About Your Customers
(click on the link above, then scroll down the page for free tool)

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