Communications Expert:
Are you owning your s#*!?!

A communication reminder from AmyK

Hey, there! AmyK here.

Happy Wednesday and a quick communication reminder.

We all step in it.

AND…the sooner you step out of it, the better.

Let’s get realz.

Just about the time you’re rolling your eyes at someone else’s faux pas, the universe is sending one your way. Get ready to insert foot in mouth. We’re all human. We’ve all done things or said things that pull us further away from what we want. We all have missteps we need to own up to; however, if your missteps are left unchecked, they can potentially move you further and further away from the life you desire. The sooner you accept that you may need to own your piece, the sooner everyone can accept theirs.

When it comes to de-stinking your slip-ups, keep it short and simple.

Try saying:

“My bad.”
“My fault.”
“I own this one.”

Each one of these short remarks is a solid response for reducing tension. And when appropriate, apologize.

The more quickly you take responsibility for your blunders the more quickly everyone can get back to feeling respected, understood and can channel their energies forward.

A simple, “Hey, I overreacted. I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry. I’m really stressed and you didn’t deserve that reaction.”

Sometimes you can’t get back to a calmer internal state quickly enough. Remember, we’re human. It may take a day before you can say,

“Yesterday, I overreacted. Today, I want to respond thoughtfully.”

Brilliant Leaders and Master Communicators own their actions, take the stink out of the air, and get everyone moving forward… together.


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