AmyKism #77 and COVID-19

I almost didn’t share this AmyKism #77 today.

I was worried it might be taken out of context. [We filmed it a few months ago… pre-Corona.]

I was worried some bully or meddler on a social media platform would rail against my stupidity and think I was ignoring science.

I’m not.

Full stop.

I AM a scientist. A degreed one.

I believe in the science of this virus.

I believe in the civic responsibility of social distancing and working remotely.

I believe that we need to take our health and the health of others very seriously.

I believe in washing our hands. For the FULL twenty seconds.

I also believe that many actions this past week have been fear based.

The hoarding of wipes, sanitizer and toilet paper.

The prejudice and profiling.

To name a few.

So I’m sharing AmyKism #77, not because I want you to turn it all over to a higher power and not do your part.

BUT because I want you to do your part BETTER.

Have faith in yourself to act from a place of faith to make good decisions in these trying times.

Cyber safe hugs,


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