Am I the only one?

Am I the only one?

Mulled cider permeates every air particle in my house today.

Some inner-knowing part of me breathes deeply, as if cinnamon, apples and cloves will heal me and restore me.

I love Fall.

Even in San Diego.

I know, I know, our leaves don’t turn yellow and red until January, but nonetheless, we have crisper, cooler mornings and a real need for sweatshirts at night.

The main reason I love Fall is because it invigorates me.

There’s something about this change in seasons that prompts me to change as well.

And not in an urgent “have to change NOW!” way, but in a quiet, peaceful Zen way.

When the temperature drops and the days shorten, I tend to turn inward.

I read more [by the fire]. I reflect and journal more. I walk more.

Everything about this seasonal shift urges me to take a calming breath and reset.

Take a moment this week to breathe a little deeper, reflect a little longer and ask yourself, “If joy were a priority in the last few months of 2019, how might I shift my words and actions?”

To honoring a new season, outward and inward.



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