Afraid to ask this question?

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And it’s a good thing.

Sometimes it’s daunting. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable.
Sometimes it’s startling. Sometimes it’s disturbing.
And it’s a good thing.

When things shift, we are compelled to reflect.
When things shift, we are called to respond.
When things shift, we are challenged to adapt.

A few months ago, my speaking business disappeared due to Covid-19. A year of upcoming live events were erased from the calendar within a four week timeframe.

Someone asked me, “Will you take the year off?”
I jokingly responded, “Did we just meet?!”

I was compelled to reflect. I was called to respond. And I adapted by asking the one question so many of us are too afraid to ask.

I asked, “How might I best invest in shifting from fear to faith?”

This is a tough question. It requires personal responsibility. It requires conscious, considered, thoughtful choice.

Investing my thoughts, time, focus and energy into shifting away from fear and toward faith recalibrated my internal state and my external actions. It was a game changer for me, and it’s why I’m sharing it with you. My mindset immediately shifted from dwelling on disappointment to focusing on an even brighter future. I had faith in unseen opportunities. Faith in myself. Faith in the Universe. Faith in the undeniable fact that I’m here to serve. And it required action.

You can get a glimpse of my pivot here:

This shift in where I chose to invest my time, attention and energy resulted in me delivering free webinars and coaching sessions to help leaders around the globe in these turbulent times. I launched a #1 Amazon bestselling book, I created an Inner Circle Membership so leaders and business owners can scale their businesses more easily, and I contracted with two different organizations to create customized sales training videos for their team and customized communication skills videos for their members. I did it all while asking, “How might I best invest in shifting from fear to faith?” and of course, while working my ass off AND having fun.

This is the beauty of focusing your invested energies. This is the beauty of taking action. When we choose to respond thoughtfully, when we choose to adapt, by golly the results can exceed our own imaginations and make our lives and the lives of others so much more brilliant.

To faithfully investing in your own beautiful future and the future of those who are blessed to know you.


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