A Meaningful Question to Boost Morale

A Meaningful Question to Boost Morale

Despite strong economic forecasts and pandemic numbers dropping, leaders are witnessing high levels of weariness in their teams. Comments such as “burned out,” “depression adjacent” and “over it” have shown up these last few weeks on my coaching calls.

I get it. We thought things would be A LOT better by now, and while for some of us things are indeed improving, for many of us, we are still dealing with everything from bad weather to bad moods.

One solid way to manage morale & boost spirits, in a non-trite manner, is to ask yourself each and every morning,

“How might I best serve today?”

This question is a generous and meaningful way to start your morning and manage your mindset. It’s a great question to share with others and encourage them to ask it too.

Throughout this tragic & tough pandemic one of the positive highlights for me has been watching and witnessing humanity at its best when we help those in need.

One of the most important things we do in any and all of the roles we play is to serve our fellow man and woman.

Whether as parents & caretakers, husbands & wives, brothers & sisters, daughters & sons, bosses & coaches, neighbors & friends, or leaders & mentors, when we show up to help, support, encourage & uplift others it’s a gift for all. And it’s a gift we need to give more than ever right now.

Recently, Allan Langer, a guest speaker at our Inner Circle Summit shared, “Shifting from selling to helping not only increases sales, but it changes your entire mindset. Stop asking, How many deals did I close, and start asking, How many people did I help today?

While morale is influenced by a myriad of variables, a fundamental component of feeling good about ourselves is derived from feeling good about serving others.

Life is short. Let’s make it purposeful.

Cyber safe hugs,

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