A Conversation Worth Having

A Conversation Worth Having

Every single day people attempt or avoid tough conversations.

They think to themselves…

“It’s scary.”

“It’s complicated.”

“It makes me uncomfortable.”

“I’m nervous I’ll say the wrong thing.”

“I don’t want to misspeak and create more damage.”

“It’s messy and I don’t need messy right now.”

– – –

These thoughts are understandable.

And yet, they prevent you and others from getting the life we all desire.

I’m in the middle of Alicia Keys’ autobiography, More Myself.

You may find it surprising that it took her a long time to find her voice.

Not her singing voice…but her inner voice.

The voice that says, “I’m worthy.”

The voice that says, “I got this.”

The voice that says, “Yep, this is gonna be a tough conversation, but it’s a conversation worth having.”

What tough conversations do you need to have, even if you start them with one of these Magical Openers:

“This is hard for me.”


“This issue makes me uncomfortable, and…I still want to talk about it with you.”


“This conversation is overdue because I’ve been avoiding it. BUT…it matters to me.”


“This conversation is important to me, and it’s important for us. It’s a sensitive topic, and I’m committed to seeing it through with you.”

Why is embracing the tough conversation in your life so important?

Because the life you desire, it’s on the other side of a tough conversation.

Cyber safe hugs,



Leaders… if you want more encouragement in how to use YOUR voice during turbulent times and successfully navigate difficult conversations, pop in your earbuds and listen to my interview on the Beyond Barriers podcast.

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