A Better Way to Deal with Negative Thoughts

A better way to deal with negative thoughts
My coach Samantha said something the other day that shifted my perspective, and I thought it might resonate with you too.

She shared, “It’s not about not having negative thoughts. It’s about weeding them out. Every. Day.”

No gardener expects zero weeds. In fact, every gardener trusts that there will be weeds, and therefore, weeding will be done. Every. Day.

Then she said, “And the gardener weeds with love. It’s just part of the process.”

She’s so right.

By lovingly tending to the garden [i.e. removing the weeds] we create space for the trees to bear fruit and the plants to blossom.

When we weed out our negative or limiting thoughts with acceptance & love, not more judgment, annoyance & criticism, it’s a peaceful act. From a place of peace we can then create space for more positive, forward-focused thoughts to take root.

This was a great visualization for me. There will be negative, cranky, worried, stress-filled thoughts. Totally okay. I can actively weed them out with acceptance & love. In fact, when I understand that they will happen, then I can incorporate an excellent habit of Self-Leadership into my day. I can prioritize the necessary time to weed them out as a part of my Self-care, thus creating space for other, more positive, forward-focused thoughts to expand and flourish.

To honoring our humanness, and to weeding out our limiting thoughts [daily] as an act of Self-love.



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