A beautiful reminder of how art connects us all

Sculpture by the internationally renowned Spanish artist, Jaume Plensa.

Every now and then I’m struck by the wondrous intersection of art & introspection and how it connects us all.

The week before last was a beautiful reminder.

On our way to dinner to celebrate my 50th we passed a sculpture by the internationally renowned Spanish artist, Jaume Plensa. Pictured above.

I was first introduced to Plensa on a trip to San Jose del Cabo where I saw one of his many metal sculptures. It was a collection of words, letters and symbols shaped to form the outline of a human body, sitting in repose, arms wrapped around the legs, looking out to sea. The San Diego sculpture is very similar to the one in Cabo, with Plensa sighting specifically, that it is a connection between humans and the ocean.

Plensa uses a wide variety of letters, symbols, and stanzas across cultures to reveal our connectivity to one another and the world in which we live. In much of his works he calls us to look at the beauty inside ourselves so that we may form a more honest relationship with ourselves and with others.

As Plensa shares, “Art many times is just a beautiful excuse to transform the way that you look at the reality around you, and it’s also the idea of communication, building bridges, putting people in touch with one another.”

As this year comes to a close I encourage you to sit quietly, in repose, and ponder the loveliest of connections in your life and to the world around you. They are truly the “bestest” of your blessings.

From my heart to yours, hugs!


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