6 Effective Ways to Survive the Holidays

Leadership Speaker, AmyK dancing with maracasEnergy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performers.

If you’ve ever been in my trainings or my Mastermind Insiders groups over the years, you’ve heard me shout this phrase with the same enthusiasm and conviction as Stephen Curry about three-pointers.

ENERGY is where it’s AT my peeps.

As the holidays approach [aka the energy draining season for many] I want to remind you of the very best gifts you can give yourself to stay energized and end 2018 with a bang rather than a migraine.

Quick reminder:

  • Physical capacity is defined by the quantity of your energy.
  • Emotional capacity is defined by the quality of your energy.
  • Intellectual capacity is defined by the focus of your energy.
  • Spiritual capacity is defined by the force of your energy.

Which means you need to gift yourself:

  1. Sleep
  2. Exercise
  3. A diet not comprised solely of pumpkin pie & egg-nog [though awesome together!]
  4. The right to not engage in every discussion raised at the holiday table. Take the Butterball – not their bait.
  5. The reminder that everyone is walking wounded & everyone wants to be heard, understood and belong. You don’t have to agree to show empathy.
  6. Time alone to think about what you are most grateful for in 2018, what you want to create in 2019 that will let your light shine, and how you might end the year helping someone else shine theirs.

54 days until year end. Let’s rock ‘em!


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