5 Questions To Garner Buy-In & A Whole Lot More

art of charm promo picCreativity is not something that you’re born with – creativity is a skill and it’s all about problem solving. Everybody can be a better problem solver, and every single person can be more creative and innovative if they just start to ask better questions, think about things differently, get a fresh perspective, and change some of the things that hold ‘em back.

Listen to this episode of The Art of Charm (feat. Yours Truly) in its entirety to discover:
• How to create guardrails ahead of conversations to avoid hijacked agendas
• How to win people over by coaxing out — and selling them on — their own good ideas
• How to solve problems without getting anybody in trouble
• How leaders can avoid being lonely at the top
• Why we feel frustration and jealousy when a friend shares his good fortune
?• And a treasure trove more!

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