3 Tips for Connecting with Your Inner Self

The #1 difference between the way your life looks on-paper versus in real-life, is your ‘state of play’ behind the facts.

Suppose, on paper, you’re married, have 2 kids, and a respectable job title.

It’s possible you feel like you’ve been handed a pot of gold ? because in real life you’ve been blessed with …

  • a supportive partner
  • kids who still hug you, and
  • a job that is meaningful and pays well.

Booyah and congrats!

It’s also possible with these exact same facts to feel like you’ve been handed a pile of poop ? because in real life …

  • your marriage is crackin’ and you spend more time annoyed than amorous
  • your kids only talk to you when they need you to be their personal ATM machine, and
  • your job title seems meaningless because you deal with challenging folks who worship at the altar of mediocrity.

Obviously, we all want our lives to look great on paper and BE great in real life.

We want …

  • intimate connection & unwavering support in our most cherished relationship.
  • our kids to be respectful, responsible and to take out the trash without needing three reminders.
  • to be allied & aligned with co-workers who are talented, energizing and efficient.

In fact, connectivity is the overarching theme & thread.

In a recent 2022 HR study, over 80% of respondents said connectivity to people and purpose was more critical than ever. And connectivity is imperative to each and all of our personal relationships.

Watch this quick video for three Self-leadership tips on how to elevate your state-of-play by increasing connectivity at home & at work so your life on-paper gets to genuinely align with the goodness in your real-life.

To experiencing juicy-goodness in real life.


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