3 Quick Tips for Working in a Hybrid Environment

The shorts we've all been wearing off camera

As if the past 18 months weren’t hard enough, many leaders are now facing new challenges in a post-Covid environment, including, but not limited to, the hurdle of attracting & retaining top talent who have gotten used to working from home, and begging current employees to give up their PJs in order to return to work. It’s a real thing y’all.  Apparently, we humans love our PJs.

As hard as it was for some individuals to transition to working from home, it’s going to be just as tough or tougher to bring ‘em back to the office.

And not everyone IS coming back.

Welcome to a Hybrid World. The mix of in-office, remote and on-the-go working.

With the rise of hybrid working, the need to keep employees connected, committed, and engaged at work is more crucial than ever. 

3 Quick Tips:

#1. Reassess benefits. FlexJobs reports that “remote workers earn more money on average, are predominantly happier with their jobs, are more productive, save more money, have better mental health – and they definitely aren’t pining for office politics.” To bring people back to the office and to attract and retain new talent, according to Harvard Business Review writer Tim Allen, “… employee benefits can be life-changing for {a} workforce, especially those centered around care, flexibility, and mental health. In conversations I’ve had with business leaders, many have told me that, in order to better support their employees and the business, they plan to revise their benefit strategies.”  What employee benefits might you modify or add in order to attract & retain the talent you need?

#2. Choose a collaborative, cloud-based platform that works seamlessly and easily. Then train everyone on how to maximize its capabilities so they can maximize their productivity. Whether sitting in a cubicle, a collaborative in-office space or working remotely, connectivity and communications will be key to an individual’s and your company’s success. If you invest in a platform, then immediately invest in the people using the platform. How might you ensure everyone on the team is proficient in using technologies to support their contributions & the company’s growth in a Hybrid World?

#3. Invest in the leadership & communication skills needed in a Hybrid World. The leaders who are good communicators, who are savvy at distributing information, who can harness the collective intelligence in their teams, and who can ensure sustained engagement will be the winners in a Hybrid World. These leaders also need to be able to effectively get the resources they need and build trust-filled relationships – sans water cooler. Those leaders who can demonstrate proficiency & productivity in potentially low-visibility environments will find themselves in-sync with a viable and profitable future. Do your executives and managers have the leadership & communication skills necessary to lead in a hybrid environment?

To getting clear on your “Working in a Hybrid World” plan, and clearly articulating this plan to your talent… whether you’re wearing shorts, PJs or actual pants! 😉



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