3 giant boulders that can get in the way of your leadership

This week, we’re going after the heart of the beast.

In case you missed my recent podcast interviews, here are 3 short conversations that pack a big punch!

We’re attacking 3 giant boulders that can get in the way of you being the leader you want and need to be:

  1. Comparison Condition
  2. Expectations & Disappointment
  3. Nay-Sayers

If you’ve ever gotten down on yourself because you didn’t react or perform in a way that aligns to the person you are striving to be, my interview with April is for you.

If you’ve ever felt your emotional state or your confidence take a hit when other people voice their opinions about something you’re doing or working on, this episode is for you.


If you’ve ever felt like you had to compete or you find yourself in a situation where your life and experience isn’t measuring up to another’s, my interview with Caroline is going to hit home.


If you’re looking for a few key aspects of good storytelling that help you influence and lead… give this podcast a few minutes of your time.


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