2 Ways to Tackle a Difficult Conversation

Are you truly listening to their words, their feelings and their wounds or are you hearing through your own?

Hey, there! AmyK here.

Many tough conversations sound like:

Human 1: I can’t believe you did…

Human 2: I can’t believe you said…

Human 1: You always…

Human 2: Oh, yeah? Well, you never…

And unfortunately, neither person feels seen, heard or understood.

It’s a pattern based on real fears and real desires.

We fear criticism, being wrong, being judged, not being respected… just for starters.

We desire acceptance, forgiveness, feeling safe, understanding, validation… I could go on.

To listen to what another is saying, without the filter of what you’re hoping to hear, without defensiveness and without all the filters of your own perceptions & pain… well, it’s hard. But it’s also a skill. And skills improve with practice.

The next time someone is sharing, and it’s hard to hear their words, this is a signal to you that you need to stop and wait. [WAIT = Why am I talking?!] Let them speak. Without interruption. When they are done speaking, I encourage you to respond with one of these two remarks:

That must have been  _________. [insert feeling word]

Am I hearing you accurately?

Are  you __________? [insert same feeling word]


Thank you for sharing. What do you need most from me right now?

When we set down our own agenda, our own pain, our own wounds long enough to truly listen to their words, their feelings & their wounds, we participate in a conversation that heals.

If you’d like to learn even more about how to participate in conversations that foster connection, healing and growth I invite you to join me in my She Gets It Mastermind which starts next week.

Communicating to connect is a brilliant first step for building healthier relationships.



If you’re looking for a super helpful way to invest in healthier relationship dynamics I invite you to learn more about my She Gets It Mastermind. Registration closes TOMORROW, January 27th.

Cassandra experienced the program just this past September and shared,

“AmyK’s Mastermind program is wonderful! I loved all of the rich content, and one of my favorite tools was AmyK’s Magical phrases. Words are so important in helping us connect with others and deliver our intended messages and AmyK’s Magical phrases helped me break out of some language barriers. I also loved the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women across the globe! It was an honor to be a part of this group and I’ll have connections that will last long after this course ends! Thank you, AmyK!”

– Cassandra Rambo, People Experience Director, Argano

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