11 Provocative Ways to Ignite Your Wallet [AmyKism #42]

Money often makes for an awkward conversation.
In fact, most people would rather share way too much info about what’s going on in their bedroom than share the details of what’s going on with their net worth. Which topic do you prefer to talk about?! Maybe neither! ?

When it comes to money, we often hear people talk about it as if they are in a love-hate relationship with it. They want to pay attention to it, prioritize it, and celebrate the goodness it brings into their lives, but then they blame it for their bad mood and its fickle nature.

What I have discovered is that when we look at money as a currency, as a form of energy, it dramatically & positively shifts our relationship with money.
Not woo-woo. It’s the science and psychology of thought.

Watch AmyKism #42 for a whole new perspective on money and to get one of my all-time favorite questions about it too.

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