1 Way to Increase Your Energy (AmyKism #103)

A quick reminder that of all the roles you play – they still aren’t the sum total of you.

To challenging the limiting narratives of a “role” and steppin’ into your Soul.





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As Amy shared …

“AmyK wow’d at our recent conference! She brilliantly informed, impacted, and inspired! Her presentation prompted us to reflect on our leadership habits & mindset, clarify our purpose & vision and communicate to connect with those we lead & serve. To sum up, AmyK made us better. One of our attendees said it best, ‘I learned SO MUCH from AmyK that I can & will use TOMORROW!’ Thanks, AmyK!?

– Amy Mason, Executive Director, The Kimmell Foundation

Keepin’ it realz, Amy — it’s gotta be practical! Thanks for inviting me!

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