1 Tip to Survive Tough Times in Life

I take mine decaf with 2% foamed milk

Can you answer this question:

How do your favorite peeps take their coffee?


How do your friends take their coffee? Or tea? Or perhaps they cherish their lemon water?
Or… what’s their favorite beer, or style of wine, or the recipe of their favorite cocktail?

May is Mental Health Awareness month and I want to share a quick tip that helps you keep your head above water during turbulent times.

Spend more time connecting with people you cherish.

Those cherished peeps that help you take yourself and life a little less seriously, and who are very serious about being there for you when you need them.

If you can’t say how they take their drinks, invite ‘em out a little more often. When we connect, coffee or tea in hand, we feel more seen, heard and understood. We have a witness to our life. These witnesses help us stay afloat in calm and choppy waters. They help us navigate our way to the next shore.

From my decaf loving heart to yours – cheers!


If you’re focused on igniting your team and firing up their determination for a strong 2022, I invite you to reach out for a keynote and/or training session.

As Lynn shared…

AmyK was a fabulous closing keynote for our Annual Conference. Her energy was so positive. Our attendees left the conference feeling inspired, motivated and uplifted! AmyK had great tangible take-aways for communication strategies that really resonated with our audience. AmyK’s talk was a highlight of our event!

– Lynn McCullough, Executive Director, ESPA, the Event Service Professionals Association

Lynn, it was truly my pleasure! Your attendees were fantastically fun!

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