1 Tip to Reach & Exceed your New Year’s Resolutions

AmyK motivational speaker, shares 1 tip for reaching and exceeding your goalsNew Year’s Resolutions are a joke.

And before you eye-roll at me – you know there’s truth in what I’m sayin’.

And my empty gym is proof.

Staying committed to our resolutions is easy on January 2nd, not so much on January 30th.

What happens between that initial burst of excitement and today’s busy schedule?

The bubbly wears off and reality sets in. You aren’t really ready to change.

The truth can sting.

We all know the stats: According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. That’s this Friday, by the way. If you haven’t failed yet, no worries, you’ve got two more days to quit.

When it comes to resolutions people sometimes pick overly ambitious goals. They often dream of a new improved self, but they don’t, at their core, desire the change in every fiber of their being. So instead of standing rock solid in their commitment to create a life they truly desire, a small breeze can turn a blueberry into a bag of chips.

In other words, you may very well be interested in a significant change or reaching and exceeding a specific goal, but are you ready?

  • Are you connected [at your very core] to the WHY behind the change or goal you seek?
  • Are you inspired & committed to take action? Every. Single. Day.

Or, like the 80%, do you argue for your limitations? Do you find a million excuses why you can’t take responsibility and hold yourself accountable to creating the life you say you desire?

When you know how you may stand in your own way, you can empower yourself to move. One of the best decisions I made last year was to hire a coach. And when I took action, every single day, with an expert helping me take the right actions [and not accepting my excuses], I got stellar results. So I hired two more. I’m serious. In the last 12 months I’ve hired 3 different coaches, each showing me how to reach 1 very specific goal.

Instead of listening to me argue for my limits, they helped me fight for my expansion and to use my gifts to broaden my influence. It was the best investment I made in creating the life I desire which includes helping even more leaders.

If you want to stick with one proven tactic in 2019 to reach and exceed your goals, and truly get the life you desire, ask yourself, “Am I ready?” And if the answer is yes, then invest in yourself so you can start taking committed action every single day.



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