1 Thing to Do When You Get Annoyed Easily

what to do when you get annoyed easily

I’m blessed to have mountains to the east and water to the west.

Walking has always been a form of therapy for me, and Mother Nature a brilliant therapist.

Sometimes I walk with a podcast, a book or music in my ear, but more often just the surround sound of nature and life.

A question that I often ask myself and my clients when life throws us an annoying, upsetting or perplexing challenge is…

How might I get wise from this?

There’s much to uncover when you take the time to truly answer this question.

Is there something to learn about the nature of others? Their patterns? Their needs?

The nature of yourself? Your boundaries? Your triggers?

Is there something to learn about the nature of your relationships? Your stories? Your judgments?

Instead of getting all “stirred up” or staying all “stirred up,” focus on getting “Zen dialed down.”

My clients typically chuckle when I first say, “Let’s Zen dial it down.”

But — when they realize how well it works, it becomes part of our shared vocabulary.

The next time life stirs you up [a child, a challenge, anything that chafes], put on your walking shoes, Zen dial it down, and ask yourself, “How might I get wise from this?”

Cyber safe hugs,

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