1 question to shift your limiting beliefs (AmyKism #97)

People often ask confining or limiting questions. More than just being closed-questions [i.e. yes or no] they actually truncate opportunity because they constrain your imagination and curb your critical thinking.

Watch AmyKism #97 for a quick question that opens minds & doors and ignites possibilities!

Self-leadership includes developing the confidence to be a bold, bad-ass visionary in your own life.

To dreamin’ big and playin’ big! No limits!



If you’re looking for a coach to help you bring your bold vision to fruition, I’d be honored to be a wise guide on the side of your big stage.

As Holly states,

AmyK’s tangible techniques and unbelievable energy gave our members a sense of empowerment to use their voice and assert their personal agency. AmyK is a force for all leaders in their continuous march towards Self-mastery. “  – Holly Smithson, CEO, Athena

You can learn more about my coaching philosophy here.

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