1 question to ask in the new year

Let's ring in the new year with expanded hearts, open minds, and acts of kindness near and far.

Hey, there! AmyK here.

One question for you to ponder and take action on in the coming year:

How might I add more loving energy to this conversation — to this space — to this relationship?

The next time you walk into a room…  set your intention to add more loving energy.

Whether you’re settling into watch television, start a sales meeting, eat dinner, meet with a client, listen to your child’s day, support your spouse, catch up with an old friend, or grab your dry cleaning, ask yourself,

“How might I add more loving energy to this conversation — to this space — to this relationship?”

Lead with loving energy. Lead with loving words. Lead with loving actions.

I guarantee it will have an impact on your year ahead.



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