1 Question Every Leader Should Answer That Most Don’t

Keynote speaker, AmyK with parents who modeled servant leadershipI spend a lot of time shaking up my clients’ thinking.

It’s fun to hear the wheels turn when you ask a provocative question.

So many leaders are going 90 mph they rarely stop to ask & answer the juicy questions.

One of my favorites: What drives you?

Don’t gloss over this one… it’s more profound than you might first think.

Psychologically, we each have an innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need. This innate need influences how we operate and control the direction and speed of our lives.

What drives you requires you to:

  • reflect on where you’ve been
  • evaluate where you are
  • predict where it is you might go. And why.

Spend a moment reflecting on who & what influenced you early on… how they influenced you early on… and how they might still be influencing you today.

Which of these influencers need to be thanked and which ones need to be tossed?

When we are very clear on how we satisfy our innermost needs and meet & exceed the goals that are significantly meaningful to us, the choices we need to make get pretty darn clear.

To being brilliant drivers of our lives,



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