1 Powerful Way to Motivate Your Team

Give your direct reports the connection and support they need

Moose wasn’t having any of it last week.

No more work. No more meetings. No more phone calls.

He jumped up on my lap and demanded ATTENTION. NOW!

I might be anthropomorphizing, but I’m pretty sure he said …

“Me! Me! Make it about me now! Pay attention to me! I need your gaze, I need your love, I need it to be all about how amazing Me, Myself and I are. And … a treat would be good too.”

So I did the only thing a Bulldog Mom and a Brilliant Boss can do in these moments. I put down my pen, closed my laptop and gave him my undivided attention.

The next time your direct report walks into your office and essentially says, “I could use your attention, a little encouragement, and some affirmation and appreciation,” stop. Close your screen. Look up and give them the connection and support they need.

A little bit o’love goes a long way.

WARNING: no ear or belly-rubbing encouraged in this analogy.

To being empathically present for your peeps.

AmyK & Moose



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