1 Exercise to Reset Your Mind

Get grounded with loving kindness meditation

Let’s get grounded.

In a 90mph world [for some that’s 190mph or 190 km], it’s time to tune out the noise and tune inward so we can stop the spinning and reset our center.

So we can get our patience back.
So we can take the high road.
So we can respond thoughtfully instead of reacting.

This Loving Kindness Meditation changes the chemistry in your body and brain. It reduces stress, increases your calmness and confidence, and helps you move forward a lot steadier.

Place your left hand on your chest and your right hand just below your naval.

Close your eyes or fix your eyes on a spot several feet away from you.

Then say out loud or internally,

“I am safe. I am strong. I am here to love and be loved.”

Repeat this meditation for a total of three times.

This one meditation, of many Loving Kindness Mediations, will bring your attention back to what matters. It will help you be in the practice of Self-leadership — choosing the next best words to say or the next best actions to take for the greater good.

To holding your heart and your sacral energy in a centered state.




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