1 Brilliant, Magical Phrase During Turbulent Times

1 Brilliant, Magical Phrase During Turbulent Times

The need for feeling in control is even stronger in times of uncertainty.

As a leader, you can help give folks this feeling by granting them the ‘power-of-choosing’ with this simple and brilliant Magical Phrase:

“Would you be willing…”

Offering someone the choice to say yes, to commit to choices and future actions — of their own volition — grants them the gift of feeling more in control.

  • Would you be willing to Zoom at 9am next Thursday?
  • Would you be willing to complete Stage 3 within six weeks?
  • Would you be willing to edit this first draft and add your insights?

And, if they resist and say, “No,” then you can easily respond with, “What might you be willing to do?”

I’m willing to use this Magical Phrase, would you be willing…?

Cyber safe hugs,


When we set down our own agenda, our own pain, our own wounds long enough to truly listen to their words, their feelings & their wounds, we participate in a conversation that heals.
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